Kuwait, 26th of March 2018

During the 15th USIP Congress the USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah decorated two Police Officers with the USIP Medal of Honor for outstanding service and duties.
The Executive Committee of the USIP decided in their 25th meeting to decorate Colonel Khalid Alnajar Director of the USIP Presidential Office & Deputy Secretary General and Colonel Tariq Alsaddani Head of Public Relations and Marketing of the USIP with the USIP Medal of Honor because of their outstanding service and duties for many years in the interest of the USIP.
Colonel Khalid Alnajar and Colonel Tariq Alsaddani were since 2010 when the USIP launched their new strategy closely involved by building up the new organization of the USIP. Beside their normal profession and duties in the Kuwait Police both officers spent as volunteers during 8 years a lot of their free time, effort and passion for the USIP.