Bogota, 3 November 2018

Members of the Pan-American Countries of the UDEPP ( Pan American Police Sports Union) attend their General Assembly in Bogota the capital city of Colombia.

UDEPP General Assembly Colombia

The members of the UDEPP held their elections and chose a new President, Vice-President and Secretary General. Brigadier General Gonzalo Ricardo Londoño Portela from Colombia was chosen as the new president for the UDEPP. Commissario Julio C. Aizpurua from Panama will be the new Secretary General of the UDEPP. The position of Vice-President will be taken over by Ecuador.

During the UDEPP General Assembly the members approved the modification of the Statues and Rules and Regulations of the UDEPP and discussed about future sports vents in the Pan-American Countries.

The USIP delegation that attend the UDEPP General Assembly consist the USIP Secretary General Sandro L.Dirckx, dept.Secretary General Col.Khalid Alnajar and the USIP Director of Public Relations and Marketing Col. Tariq Alsaddani.

The UDEPP was founded in april 2013 in the city of Quito-Ecuador by support of the USIP. After the UDEPP General Assembly the new UDEPP President Brig.General Gonzalo Londoño said that he was convinced that with the development of the past years and welcoming of many new members the UDEPP made big steps in organizing future Pan-American police sports events.