Budapest 21th of June 2022

An USIP delegation visit the Ministry of Interior of Hungary by invitation of the Minister of Interior of Hungary Dr. Sándor Pintér. During their visit, which was organized by former USIP vice President Geza Simon from Hungary, the delegation met the Director of Human Resources and the Deputy Chief of Police of Hungary which are both board members of the Hungarian Police Sports Union. The representatives of the USIP and Hungarian Police Sports Union discussed about Police Sports and future cooperation on Police Sports events and seminars. After the meeting the USIP shield was donated by the USIP Vice President Brigadier General Gonzalo Londono to both representatives of the Police Sports Union of the Ministry of Interior of Hungary. The USIP delegation consist the USIP Vice President Brigadier General Gonzalo Londono, the USIP Director of the Presidential Office and Deputy Secretary General Col. Khalid Alnajar, Technical Director of the USIP Public Relations and Marketing Committee Col. Tariq Alsadanni and former USIP Vice President General Geza Simon from Hungary.