Development and Achievement of the USIP & USIP President re-elected for next term

Kuwait: 26th of March 2018

The 15th USIP Congress was held on the 26th of March 2018 in the Kuwait City capital city of the State of Kuwait. The opening of the 15th USIP Congress was made by the Minister of Interior and Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait H.H Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah under which patronage this USIP Congress was held and supported.
43 nations were present during the 15th edition of the USIP congress. After the elections of the members of the EC and TC many topics regarding the achievement and development of the USIP were discussed by the Congress members. Presentations were held about the successful last 2nd USIP World Police Games in Abu Dhabi and the upcoming 3rd USIP World Police Games in Milan. The promotion team of the upcoming 2nd USIP World Police Service Pistol Championship in Guangzhou(China) in November 2018 made promotion for the event and showed the audience an amazing promotion movie about Guangzhou and the Guangdong province.

Elections and new positions:
Members of the 15th USIP Congress approved the re-election of the USIP President: Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf AL-Ahmed AL-Sabah. They also approved the re-election of the General Treasurer Brigadier Abdul Rachman AL-Haqqan, Secretary General Sandro L. Dirckx and the Director of the Presidential Office/Deputy Secretary General Colonel Khalid Alnajar .
Members elected and approved the appointment for USIP Vice-President: Brig.General Gonzalo Londono (Colombia), Brigadier Mohammed Hamid AL Dhaheri(UAE) and Chief Commissioner Luc Smeyers( Belgium). As EC members were elected: Maj.General Vladimir Gazizov (Russia) and Mr. Massimo Re (Italy).
For the USIP Technical Committee five new members have been elected: Brigadier Waleed Salem Al Shamsi (UAE), Captain Marcelo Rezende (Brazil), Chief Inspector Jesus Rodrigues Del Moral (Spain) Mrs. Monica Iagar (Romania),Colonel Sultan Saeed Al Wadani – Saudi Arabia.

New members and development USIP
Representatives of Paraguay, Bolivia, Pakistan and Afghanistan signed the membership agreement with the USIP President and entered as new member country in the USIP.The member countries of the USIP Congress discussed and approved some modifications of the Statues and Rules & Regulations. The Secretary General of the USIP Mr. Sandro L. Dirckx and the Director of the Presidential Office Colonel Khalid Alnajar reported about the activities of the USIP regarding the last two years.
Head of the P.R. and Protocol Col. Tariq Alsaddani held a presentation about the effort of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee during the last 2 years and the successful development of the USIP-website and Social media.

Medal of Honor
Colonel Khalid Alnajar, Deputy Secretary General and Director of the USIP Presidential Office and Colonel Tariq Alsaddani Technical Director of the USIP Public Relations and Marketing were decorated with the USIP Medal of Honor because of their outstanding contribution and effort for the last 8 years in interest of the USIP.