The Ecuadorian National Police thru its Antinarcotics General Directorate and this Police Sport Federation (FEDEPOE) have been organizing since 2011 an athletic festival that aims to reach a society free of illegal drugs, to promote family integration, to build and strengthen a preventive culture towards drug consumption and trafficking within the Ecuadorian society and with optimism around the world.  Also this year the Ecuadorian Police will organize this 5K athletic festival.

This event will take place in Quito – Ecuador on Sunday 26 of June of 2016, starting at 07 00 am.

With regard to the United Nations General Assembly Declaration of June 26th of 1987, by which this specific day is designated as the “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking” the general features of this event are the following:

  • 5km athletic festival
  • Location: Cities’ main avenues
  • All ages allowed
  • Inclusive and recreational event
  • Costless
  • Aims at community integration
  • It starts simultaneously throughout the country
  • Wide broadcast and publicity

It is important to mention that this athletic event has generated a very important social impact in Ecuador; therefore, we would like to motivate other police sports federations and countries around the world to retort this initiative under the same concept and characteristics. The brand and slogan is “YO VIVO SIN DROGAS TU DECIDES” (I LIVE WITHOUT DRUGS IT IS YOUR DECISION)

FEDEPOE hopes that other countries will receive the same benefits as Ecuador. They  have certainly visualized a change on their community lifestyle, better understanding of the drug phenomenon, health conditions improvement, awareness about the importance of choosing fitness and recreation instead of harmful habits.

Accordingly FEDEPOE want to emphasize their invitation to the USIP member countries to organize this event in their own countries, taking into account that law enforcement officials around the world share not only the same problems but could share the same solutions. It is an unbeatable opportunity to fight against crime by strengthening on prevention.

We invite a delegation of two police officers (man and woman) of every USIP member country to participate in this athletic festival “YO VIVO SIN DROGAS TU DECIDES” (I LIVE WITHOUT DRUGS IT IS YOUR DECISION). We offer to cover all food, accommodation and internal transportation expenses (air ticket must be paid by the participant). Arrival date should be June 24th and departure day on June 27th of 2016.

FEDEPOE kindly request that any country interested on either participating with a delegation of athletes or/and retort this initiative, let us know to the following email:

Download further information (pdf document)