The President of the Brazilian Police Sports Federation Captain Marcelo Rezende, Master in 6th Dan of Taekwondo and his teachers started in the last months in several parts in Brazil project Pegasus. The Project Pegasus Taekwondo was developed to serve the needy community and people with physical disability, handicapped, blind, and Carriers of Syndromes as Down, Asperger, autistic, life threatening diseases etc.

“What for some is an insurmountable mountain, for othersit is a challenge to be overcome.

“Perhaps, this is the best definition for the Project Pegasus Taekwondo.The rules and strikes were adapted by Brazilian Police Sports Federation President Captain Marcelo Rezende, Master 6º DAN in taekwondo. Captain Marcelo Rezende is one of the most experienced and skilled in Brazil, and General Coordinator of the Pegasus project.

The Pegasus Project aims at training the individual as a person and citizen , social inclusion of people with special needs, through teaching the Korean martial art of Taekwondo which is a sport for the entire physical system , generating energy throughout the body, developing muscles and brain, awakening the desire to action.

The man is not satisfied just to survive, want to live well and healthy . This is the reason why Taekwondo cultivate this desire through force of intellect – combination of physical activities.

The Taekwondo transform the character of the individual , giving him a strong spirit and great recovery , which will allow each to develop their leadership skills, which will guide you in every step, so the Taekwondo is the basis for stoning the man and transformed into a righteous person, your lover close and your country.

The Project meets the children and relatives of Police, as well as a member of society close to the site of implantation.

This work began in October 2006 , the Brazilian Police Sports Federation, with a group of 10 students , today the work is developed together with the Physical Education of Military Police University, with a much larger group and has about 80 students and 18 teachers in São Paulo State.

Now we have over 4 centers that are connected to Project Pegasus, one in the Minas Gerais State (southeastern Brazil), one in the Pará and Rondônia States (Northern Brazil) and one in the Bahia State (northeastern Brazil), but we will be implementing the project in the Rio de Janeiro State.

With our centers in other states are now serving more than 200 students per year.

The results of the project can already be seen , because we have a student with this scholarship at a University through Taekwondo , and this student is a daughter of a Police Officer.

Thus the project seeks to work in the formation of children, youth, teens and adults, because your project has students from 06 to 60 years old , proving that the space in the sport for all generations .

The project does not seek any monetary gain, is entirely non-profit, the only expense in time for students is the acquisition of uniform training, that for the future we hope to achieve as a vendor partner.



Acquisition of kimonos (dobok) (02 for each participant including teachers)
Acquisition of warm-up for training and representing in events and tournaments(01 for each participant including teachers).

Acquisition of T-shirts (02 for each participant including teachers)

Sports Equipment Protection
Acquisition of equipment forearm, Tibia, the genital standing glove.

Sporting goods auxiliary
Acquisition of rackets and shields for kicks, gauntlets to punch.

Sports equipment for training competition
Acquisition of equipment for training competition, chest protector, head, socks and full computerized system approved by the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation).

Future Goal
The higher the harder it general barracks project is local training which is inside a Gymnasium, which is covered but open, which makes it difficult during the winter training of children and the disabled because of their low immunity.

Many times we have to go to a corner of the gym because it matches with volleyball, basketball or football, which makes training and is a danger to children and the disabled.

We have space to build a gym or room specific to martial arts training, but we have no financial support for this yet.

This is the second part of our project we develop today.