China and Romania Booked victory

Bucharest, 1st of June. The Chinese and Romanian athletes booked the best results during the last days of the World Police Tennis Championship in Bucharest, Romania. All the athletes gave their best performance during the last hours of this World Championship Tennis for Police. The players of China and Romania were too strong compared to the other competitors of the WPTC competitors and during the finals the showed the audience a great play till the end.
The medals were offered by the Under Secretary of the Minister of Interior of Romania,Mr Catalin Chiper, the first Vice-President of the USIP,Mr Abdulla Ben Nusrah AL-Ameri, the Vice-President of the Chinese Vanguard Sports Association Mrs Shan Huimin and USIP Secretary General Mister Sandro Dirckx.

-Chinese women Tennis player Li Hui, won the Gold medal, Romanian women Tennis player Ghinescu won the Silver medal and Chinese tennis player Jiang Yanyan took the Bronze medal.
-The Romanian tennis players mainly dominated the final results of the Man’s single. Followed by China and Saudi Arabia on the first place.
-China also dominated on the Women’s double play. The Golden medal was won by China (Li Hui & Jiang), The Silver medal was won by Romania (Ghinescy & Tiplea) and finally, the Bronze medal was won by China as well (Sun & Xiang).
-The Romanian men dominated the men’s double (Gold and Silver) China and Qatar both won the Bronze medal.

During the closing ceremony, the Romanian Under Secretary of the Minister of Interior Mr Catalin Chiper and the USIP Secretary General thanked the all competitors, delegates and the organizing committee for al their effort and successful first World Police Championship of Tennis. In their speeches both representatives memorised that sport is a very important issue in the Police profession and sport also created friendship between the participating athletes in the last week.

After the closing ceremony the 1st USIP Vice President handed the USIP-flag to the Qatar delegation for the next USIP World Championship. Qatar will organize the World Championship Cross Country in December this year.

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