Colombia, Ecuador and China ended up in the top 3 of all 31 countries who participate in the 1st USIP World Police Games in Bogota, Colombia.

Colombia, Ecuador and Panama brought in the most athletes followed by China. Neverless some countries who attend with a few athletes succeeded to win several medals and even Gold( like Egypt with 2 gold medals in Swimming and Palestine with 2 Bronze medals in Shooting).

The Spanish delegation performed best in Pratical Shooting. The Spanish shooters won Gold with their team and where also totally presented on the stage individually with Gold, Silver and Bronze. The best Medal winner with 6 golden medals was the Colombian Swimming athlete Sub- luitenant Yessica Cepeda Diaz. The youngest golden medalist was the 18 years old Ecuador taekwondo athlete Vinueza Minda Jarold Dario.

The oldest silver and bronze medalist was the 43 year old Chinese swimmer Wang Jinlin.

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