Colombia 26st April 2016.

The Colombia National Police and National Police Academy General Francisco de Paula Santander are ready to organize the 1st USIP World Police Games in September 2015. The 1st World Games in police related sports shall be open for police officers in the age between 18 and 30 years old. The venue will be the training complex of the police academy of the Colombian National Police Academy in Bogata.

The USIP delegation consisting USIP Secretary General Sandro Dirckx, Director of the Presidential Office and Dept SG Col. Khalid Aljanar , head of the Public Relations Lt. col Tariq Alsadanni and TC Member Capt. Marcelo Rezende visit the training complex of the Colombian Police Academy in Bogota. The USIP delegation held meetings with the director of the Police Academy Col. Gonzalo Londono , Major Jorge Senna and other represantatives of the Police Academy who will coordinate this new USIP event.
The delegation was very impressed by the high standard of the complex and the professionalism of the future organizers.
During an official ceremony the USIP flag was handled over by the USIP Secretary General to the Director of the police academy Col. Gonzalo Londono .
The members of the USIP delegation were honoured during the ceremony with the highest award of the National Police Academy.

The registration of the 1st USIP World Police Games will start at the end of this year. Disciplines like Athletics, teakwondo, swimming , cycling , shooting will be on the program.