Colombia absolute winner

Great atmosphere and friendship bounds where made for ever during the 1st USIP World Police Games in Bogota. The most of the 31 participating countries staid at the accommodation on the venue of the Police Academy of the Colombian National Police ” General Francisco De Paula Santander”. After their sport schedules the athletes of different nationalities had time to share their experiences and passion to sports. The social media like Facebook played an important role in this matter.

The Colombian delegation and host of this event became the absolute winner of the 1st USIP World Police Games. Colombia won 45 Gold medals, 34 Silver and 17 Bronze medals. Head of the Colombian organizing Committee and Director of the Colombian National Police Academy Brig.General Gonzalo Ricardo Londono said: ” One of our pilars of our organization structure was to get our athletes fit and well prepared for the USIP World Police Games. I am happy that at the end this worked out. And off course I am very proud about the achievement of our athletes. I am also honored that we could manage to host all athletes at the accomodation of our Police Academy. It took a lot of preparations but the combination of the sport venues and the hotel accomodation at the Police Academy brought us and the athletes a lot of effort.
We build up also a international market square like a Olympic Village and that works out finally to establish bounds and friendship between the athletes from all over the world.
And to show the capibillities and professonalism of the Colombian National Police we build up a presentation square where you could find all specialism of our Police Force”.

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