Bogota, 24th of July 2015

The Minster of Sport of Colombia Andrés Botero Phillipsbourne had an official meeting with the head of the Colombian Organizing Committee of the 1st USIP World Police Games Brigadier General Gonzalo Ricardo Londoño. Brig. General Londoño updated the Colombian Minister of Sport about the progress and preparations of the 1st World Police Games. During the meeting Brig. General Londoño handed over a small version of AWIRI the official mascot of the 1st World Police Games to the Minister of Sport and also a special version of a running shirt used during the relay of the USIP ( Humanity Protector) Torch  in Kuwait last April.

The Minster of Sport Mr. Botero said during the meeting that he is looking forward to the 1st USIP World Police Games and to welcome the President of the USIP, Gov. Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah and the President of the ANOC ( Association of National Olympic Committees) Sheikh Ahmed Al Fahed.

The 1st USIP World Police Games will be held on location in Bogota –Colombia from the 26th of September until the 3rd of October 2015.