Staverden, The Netherlands May 2012

The new USIP headquarters just opened her doors in the Netherlands in the beginning of May. The office of the General Secretary is located at Castle Staverden on the 900 hectare property of Geldersch Landschap in the centre of the Netherlands. The historic building and location offers excellent possibilities for future meetings, conferences and congresses of the USIP. Nearby are hotels situated and the distance from Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport is proximally 45 minutes by car.

USIP president Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah and his Staff visit the new USIP office in the beginning of May. He was enthusiastic and impressed about the new USIP office and the location. He said that the new location of the headquarters brings the USIP excellent possibilities in a professional and authentic atmosphere . The USIP headquarters was moved from Poland to the Netherlands after the appointment of the new USIP Secretary General Sandro Dirckx from the Netherlands. SG Mr Dirckx took over the duties of former SG Mr Cias from Poland who retired last January. The USIP office will be official opened on a later moment. USIP members and official guests will be invited to attend the opening ceremony.

The new address and contact details of the new USIP headquarters can be find on the contact page of the USIP website.
The new email address: