Sandro L. Dirckx

Vice President Sandro L. Dirckx

Kuwait 6th march 2012 
During the General Assembly of the USIP the members of the Congress appointed former USIP Vice President Sandro L. Dirckx from the Netherlands as the new Secretary General of the USIP. He will take over the duties of Mr. W. Cias from Poland who retired last January.


Lt.Col. Khalid Aljanar

The members of the congress also approved the moving of the USIP headquarters/ General Secretary from Poland to the Netherlands. Mr. Sandro Dirckx was after his election in February 2010 two years in charge as a Vice President with the responsibility of International Affairs. He is at the age of 54, worked at the Dutch National Police Agency (KLPD) and has a long career and experience in the world of Police Sports.
During the General Assembly the members appointed also the deputy Secretary General of the USIP Lt. Col. Khalid Aljanar. He will also for fill the duty as a Director of the Presidential Office in Kuwait. The SG and the DSG shall work closely as a team in the future by the new strategy of the USIP. In the next upcoming months the new USIP headquarters will be established on a central location in the Netherlands. Further details will be published on this website.