Bogota: 3rd of August 2015

Everything is ready for the event which will bring the best Police atletes in the World together.

On Monday, the 3rd of August , the seat of the Administrative Department of Sports (COLDEPORTES) received fire from the First USIP World Police Games what will be held in Bogota from September the 26th to October the 4th. Leader of the delegation of the police athletes was Lieutenant Néstor Julián Salamanca, who had in his hands the burning Torch, symbol of unity through sport.

“We feel joy and have a big expectation. We have a lot of commitment because we are the host” said Salamanca, who will compete during the Games in the swimming discipline in the 50 meter freestyle and the 1800 meter. Salamanca shall finish his preparations with a microcycle in Girardot.

In turn, while the flags and music enlivened the day in COLDEPORTES,  Andres Botero Phillipsbourne the Colombian Minister of Sports welcomed the delegation of the first edition of the 1st USIP World Police Games on Colombian fields.

“One of the most significant symbols that may be about sports games is the torch. The lighting of the flame as well as the tour of the flame to the place where the competitions are held remind us how in Greek mythology Prometheus stole fire from the gods to deliver humanity. So today, this torch reaches COLDEPORTES. It is a very special day and we should all feel proud to participate, ” aldo the Minister of Sports Botero said.

With the same exciting as the audience, Brigadier General Gonzalo Ricardo Londoño Portela , Head of the Organizing Committee, enjoyed from start to finish with great tribute that was done to the World Police Games, especially since the seat was won against powers such as China and Romania, which also competed to host them.

“These Games are not only for the Police or Bogotá, Colombia. We hope you all enjoy this great sporting event, for which the important support was by the Ministery of Sport- (COLDEPORTES )from the moment of ordering to the headquarters,” said Brig. General Gonzalo Londoño , Director of the Police Academy ” General Francisco de Paula Santander”.

From the 26th of next month there will be more than 500 police officers from over all of the world competing in shooting, athletics, swimming, taekwondo and cycling in the first edition of the Games that will be enjoyed by everyone in Colombia .

The athletics competitions will be held from the 27th to the 30rd of September at the athletic field of the Police Academy “General Francisco Paula de Santander” in Bogota supported by the IAAF.

Among the athletes of the Colombian delegation are the runners Luis Fernando Lopez, who was world medalist in Daegu 2011, and Freddy Hernandez, representative of Colombia and participant at the World Olympic Games.