During an official ceremony as part of the 75 years of celebration of the Colombia National Police Academy “General Francisco Paula de Santander” the Humanity Protector Torch of the 1st World Police Games was handed over to the Minister of Defense of Colombia Dr.Juan Carlos Pinzon Bueno by the Director of the National Colombia Police General Palomino Lopez. A short moment before Colonel Gonzalo Londoño Ricardo Portela, Director of the Police Academy had handed symbolically the torch to General Rodolfo Palomino Lopez.

On the 18th of April last month the torch of the 1st World Police Games which was handed over in Kuwait by the USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed AL Sabah to the Colombian National Police. The Colombian delegation brought the torch from Kuwait by a distance of 12.800 kilometres to the World Police Games location at the Police Academy in Bogota.

As part of this event, during a solemn ceremony a representation was given by the Police Academy of what has been their history through every age. In this case a sample of the uniforms and the Cadets Alféreces displayed in this field a sacred demonstrating about the mystical discipline that characterizes the future officers of the National Colombian Police.

The First World Games of Police USIP- Bogota 2015 will be held from September 26 to October 4th 2015.