During a meeting with the President of the USIP Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah and his Presidential Staff the Head of the UAE organizing Committee Brig Mohammed Al Dhaheri and his staff showed an impressing plan of the 2nd USIP World Police Games.

Brig. Mohammed Al Dhaheri explained all the details of the opening ceremony, the venues and the welcome reception of the delegations of all continents of the World which will attend in next November in Abu Dhabi. The USIP President and his Staff where impressed by what the UAE organiser showed them during the meeting . Both delegation members are looking forward to this great event.

The UAE delegation consist: Brig. Mohammed Al Daheri Head of the organizing committee ; Brig. Whaleed Al Shamsi, Col. Arif Alfares members of the UAE organizing Committee. The USIP delegation:Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah President of the USIP ; Col. Khalid Al Najar Dept. Secr. General/dir. Presidential Office; Col. Tariq Al Saddani Tech. Director Public Relations and Marketing.