Rotterdam 24th of July 2022

An USIP delegation visit in Rotterdam Ahoy ( athletes centre) the Board of the WPFG Rotterdam. The USIP delegation had a meeting with the CEO of the WPFG Rotterdam mr. Wim de Rooij. CEO De Rooij held a presentation and explained about the challenges that the organization had in de past 10 years. Thereby the USIP delegation visit the Atletes centre in the exhibition hall of Rotterdam Ahoy where they meet volunteers and athletes . During these meetings the USIP delegation discussed about a possible future memorandum of understanding with the international organization of the WPFG who is settled in California USA.

The USIP delegation consist the USIP Vice President Brigadier General Gonzalo Londono, USIP Secretary General Sandro Dirckx, the USIP Director of the Presidential Office and Deputy Secretary General, Brigadier General Khalid Alnajar, Technical Director of the USIP Public Relations and Marketing Committee Col. Tariq Alsadanni.