Bahrain 17th of April 2016
USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah and his staff had a meeting with representatives of the Bahrain Police Sport Federation. The Bahrain Police Sport Federation is a very active Police Sport Federation in the USIP. Teams of the Bahrain Police Sport Federation took many times part at the international championships and events of the USIP. Member of the Board of the Bahrain Police Sport Federation, Col. Khaled Abdul Aziz Alkhayat was recently elected as TC member of the USIP. The USIP President and his delegation talked in Bahrain about the cooperation and development of the Bahrain Police Sport Federation and police sports in common. The staff of the USIP President consist the Director of the USIP Presidential Office and Deputy Secretary General Col. Khalid Alnajar , Technical Director of the USIP Public Relations and Marketing Committee Lt.Col. Tariq Alsadanni and Major Hamed member of the USIP team .