Sao Paulo 8th November 2013.
The USIP delegation meet on occasion at the Sao Paulo Police headquarters the General Police Commander of the state of Sao Paulo Colonel PM Benedito Roberto Meira.

During their meeting the USIP Delegation thanked Colonel Meira for his support to the Pan-American Martial Arts Championship of the UDEPP. The Police Commander Colonel Meira has a big passion for sports and said during the meeting that sports is an important issue for his Police Force.

Sport is daily used to connect his police officers with the Sao Paulo Community in several social projects. To use sport into these projects effects reducing of violence and better living conditions in the communities of Sao Paulo and specific focused on the youth in these communities.

FIFA World Championship Football 2014
The USIP delegation talked with the Sao Paulo Police Commander about police sport in common and the upcoming FIFA World Championship Football in 2014. Sao Paulo will host one of the matches in this World Championship. The Police Commander explained the USIP delegation the expected tasks of his Police Force and other Brazilian Police duties during this 2014 major World event.

At the end of meeting the Police Commander received a plaque of the USIP on behalf of the President of the USIP Lt-Gen. Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah.

The USIP delegation consists: USIP Secretary General Sandro L. Dirckx, General Treasurer Colonel Abdurrahman Al Haqqan, Director of the Presidential Office Lt.Col Khalid Alnajar and the Head of the Public Relations and Protocol of the USIP Lt.Col Tariq Alsadanni.