Lausanne May 2012
USIP President Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Sabah, Secretary General Mr Sandro Dirckx and their USIP delegation members visit on the 7th and 8th May the IOC headquarters of the International Olympic Committee ( IOC) in Lausanne. On both days meetings where planned with representatives of the IOC to talk about strengthen the relation with the IOC and the USIP and possible future support of the IOC.
The USIP President meet and talked on Tuesday the 8th May with IOC President Jacques Rogge about the new strategy of the USIP in relation to the IOC organization. Kuwait Ambassador in Switzerland his Excellency Suhail K. Shuhaiber joined also this meeting. After the meeting USIP President Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad said that the meeting with the IOC President Jacques Rogge took place in a good atmosphere. IOC President Mr Rogge was interested in the new strategy of the USIP and promised that the IOC will do his very best to support the USIP in the future.
IOC Sports Director meeting

A day before USIP Secretary General Sandro Dirckx and Deputy Secretary General Lt. Col. Khalid Aljanar and Head of PR and Protocol Maj. Tariq Alsadanni had a meeting IOC Sports Director Mr Christophe Dubi. During this meeting both representatives discussed about further cooperation and support by the IOC to the USIP. The USIP is a recognized sport organization by the IOC since 1995. Mr Dubi said that on some issues the IOC have the expertise to support the USIP on several technical cases. Further issues will be studied by the IOC to support the USIP.

The USIP delegation also meet during their stay in Lausanne IOC member Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad AL-SABAH from Kuwait . He is a member of several IOC committees since 1992 and just appointed as President of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC). The President of the ANOC, Sheikh Ahmad was very interested in the new strategy of the USIP and said that he will also try to support the USIP if there are any possibilities.

The USIP delegation who visit the IOC also consisted the General Treasurer of the USIP Col. Abdul Rachman Al Haqqan and the general treasurer of the Kuwait Police Sport Federation Mr Whaleed.