Sao Paulo 8th November 2013. The USIP delegation was invited by Sao Paulo Police Captain Marcelo Rezende, initiative taker and founder of the Pegasus Project to attend the training of his Taekwondo students.

Marcelo Rezende, 6th Dan black belt Taekwondo Master started with volunteers last year on 4 locations in Brazil the Pegasus project. This project gives people with special needs a positive support and direction in their lives.

Not very optimal training circumstances
The delegation members were impressed of the passion of the students. Some of them were disabled by blindness or other disability’s. Undue the fact that the training circumstances and facilities were not very optimal the students showed a big passion and enthusiasm in their Taekwondo training. After the training session the USIP delegation talked with the students and trainers of the Pegasus project about their experience with this Taekwondo project.

The USIP delegation promised that they will discuss internal to consider how the USIP can support the Pegasus Project in the future. Conditions for accommodation, training and personal hygiene should be defiantly better and improved in the future specially for the participants and trainers in this project.

The USIP delegation consists: USIP Secretary General Sandro L. Dirckx, General Treasurer Colonel Abdurrahman Al Haqqan, Director of the Presidential Office Lt.Col Khalid Alnajar and the Head of the Public Relations and Protocol of the USIP Lt.Col Tariq Alsadanni.