The Netherlands May 2012
An USIP delegation under leadership of USIP President Lt-Gen. Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah visit in the Netherlands the new headquarters of the USIP. Last March the USIP congress approved that the new headquarters will be moved from Poland to the Netherlands. The main reason was the appointment of the new USIP Secretary General Mr Sandro Dirckx from the Netherlands.

Secretary General and USIP President at USIP HQ.The new USIP headquarters is situated in a historic building, Castle Staverden. Staverden is located in the centre of the Netherlands and has an old history. During this visit the USIP delegation got a good impression of the new USIP office. The owner of the building Mr Koen Haklander showed the delegation some of the details of the property where the castle is situated. The property of 900 hectares is a protected landscape by the Dutch authorities. On the property are many excellent facilities to held future USIP conferences and meetings.

USIP President Lt. Gen. Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah said that the new location of the headquarters brings the USIP excellent possibilities in a professional and authentic atmosphere .

The USIP delegation consisted the following persons:
The USIP president Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Sabah, USIP Deputy Secretary General Lt. Col. Khalid Aljanar, USIP General Treasurer Col. Abdul Rachman Al Haqqan, USIP head of the PR and Protocol, Maj. Tariq Alsadanni, the Kuwait Police Sport treasurer Mr Walid.