In an exclusive and a special interview, the editor of the USIP Sports Magazine talked with the new President of the International Military Sport council (CISM- Conseil International du Sport Militaire), Colonel Abdulhakeem ALSHINO ( from Bahrain) The CISM President confirmed that the police and military sport plays an important part in the world of sport .

President CISMPresident Alshino: ” The CISM signed several MOU’s with these international sports organizations in different games such as the international football union FIFA and the European football union UEFA. We have also a MOU with the World Karate Federation ( WKF) like the USIP did last year. In fact we have agreements with most international organizations. It is difficult to specify but however the CISM is keen to activate these agreements. Concerning the CISM sport program of holding championships the CISM organizes 20 championships annually in all games what brings experiencing and exciting match up among the teams”.

President Alshino continues: ” We have been organized military pentathlon world championships last October in the Republic of Korea and there are several competitive championships during the athletic season held between the world continents. There are 135 member countries of the CISM which are participating in different championships . These championships are held under the supervision of the CISM to raise the level of the army recruits who are participating, which is the aim of holding these championships . The CISM organizes also championships for the military cadets. These are special games which are held with a return of every two year. In general the organizing country chooses the specific games for the cadets of the countries who participate in these military championships. These cadets are strongly prepared for these championships. The championships are the source to strengthen the cadets and raising their performance of competence. Our championships has a nature purely military character such as parachute jumping which depends on the creativity skill performance and off course shooting championships.”

The CISM President ends:
” The USIP and CISM has a lot of similarities on the terrain of sport. We looking forward to sign a MOU with the USIP. On different fields we can learn from each other. Everything in the belonging of sport! “

Note: The Headquarters of the CISM is located in Bruxelles- Belgium.