Bogota, 22 April 2014. A delegation of the USIP met at the headquarters of the Colombian National Police in Bogota the Director General Rodolfo Palomino Lopez and sub director Major General Luz Marina Bustos Castanena. Later that day the USIP delegation met the Colombian Minister of Sport and IOC member Mr Andres Botero Phillipsbourne.

The USIP delegation discussed with both Police Commanders and the Colombian Minister of Sport the upcoming 1st USIP World Police Games which will be organized by the Colombian National Police in September 2015 at the training complex of the Colombian National Police General Francisco de Paula de Santander.

General Palomino said during this meeting that sport is a very important topic related to the Police profession and that the Colombian National Police is honored and proud to organize the first USIP World Police Games. General Palomino also said that the Colombian Police has excellent expierence and achieved positive results in organizing sport events to connect his Police force with the people and community of Colombia. The Minister of Sport Mr Botero said during the meeting that this event will be a great opportunity for Colombia to show the community that Police officers are fit for the job and be able to serve and project in a right way. He said that Colombia has a wide experience to organize big sport events and he promised that he will consider in what way his department can support the USIP Games. His department has excellent facilities and sport complexes to host large groups of athletes.

The first USIP World Police Games will be organized in September 2015 and will have disciplines as Swimming, athletics, cycling, Shooting , taekwondo. The Games will be organized for Police officers in the age from 18 till 30 years.