DSC03479Berlin, December 2011 
A delegation from the USIP visit Berlin to held a annual meeting with the USPE. The USIP was represented by The President of USIP, LTG.Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Third Vice-President International Contacts and Relations Sandro Dirckx, Director of the Presidential Bureau LTC Khalid Al-Najar, Chief of Public Relations and Protocols Major Tariq Al-Saddany and the accompanying members from the Kuwait Police Sports Federation. The USPE was represented by the President Mr. Luc Smeyers, Secretary General Mr. Fred Kusserow and General Treasurer Mr. Harry Bruengger.


The President of USIP and Kuwait Police Sport Federation LTG.Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah held talks with the officials of the USPE, during which they discussed items that where early signed in the bilateral cooperation agreement between the USIP and the USPE.
During the visit in Berlin to attend the 2nd meeting between USIP and USPE, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah declared that such visit will promote the cooperation between USIP and USPE by signing mutual cooperation agreement. He also added that the participation in this meeting is also very important to achieve coordination between the technical committees in the two unions regarding the championships. He emphasized on the necessity to attract some countries who were former members in USIP but withdrawn for technical reasons.

The Presidents of the USIP and USPE Sheikh Ahmed Al Sabah and Luc Smeyers.


Police Vice President Mrs. Koppers and USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Al Sabah

On the margin of the meeting with the German officials at the Kuwait Embassy in Berlin, Director of the Presidential Bureau LTC Khalid Al-Najar said that this visit was performed after signing a friendship agreement and exchanging activities during the last USIP Congress in Kuwait between USIP and USPE.
The President of the USPE Mr. Luc Smeyers and the Secretary General of USPE, Mr. Fred Kusserow called to promote the cooperation between the two unions in order to exchange experiments and activities to serve the police sport.


After the meeting the USIP and USPE delegations were invited by the Vice President of the Berlin Police, Mrs. Margarete Koppers. During this meeting the representatives of the USIP and USPE talked with Mrs. Koppers about Police Sports and the influence and importance of sports on health and fitness of Police officers worldwide.