USIP President present the USIP mascot Ikaros to Mr. Pavel Balsky.

The President of USIP Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has met last April in Moscow the President of the National Veteran Judo Union, Mr Pavel Balsky.
USIP President Sheikh Ahmad said that this meeting is considered as the first step towards the development of relations and strengthening common bonds between USIP and the Russian Sport Federation.

He described the talks as “important and useful” within the framework of the development of bilateral relations in sport, human economic and social aspects, and he expressed his hope that such talks and future meetings may lead to promote the sport relations between the USIP and the Russian Federation.

On his part, the president of National Veteran Judo Union Mr. Pavel Balsky emphasized on the importance of the visit of USIP delegation as guests to the World Judo Championship for Military and Police which was organized in Moscow.
He said that his meeting and talks with Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah had a great effect on the development of mutual cooperation between the two parties.
Russia participated in the competition with 7 teams representing; Ministry of Interior – Ministry of Emergency & Security – Customs Administration – Department of Drugs Control & Fire Department.

The USIP delegation consisted of the President Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah, USIP Treasurer Colonel Abdulrahman Al-Haqqan, Deputy Secretary General Lt.Col. Khalid Al-Najar, and the head of Protocol & Relations Major Tariq Al-Sadani.