Dubai 29th November 2015
During a meeting in Dubai with the UAE Police Sport Federation USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah has handed the USIP Humanity Protector Torch to the Undersecretary of the Minister of Interior Lt.Gen. Saif Abdellah Al Sha’far.

The USIP delegation had a meeting with representatives of the UAE Police Sport Federation to discuss the organising of the 2nd USIP World Police Games that will be held in Abu Dhabi in November 2017. Major Jorge Serna from the Colombian National Police who was in charge of the 1st USIP World Police Games held a presentation about the organizing and details of the Games in Bogota-Colombia. The new logo of the next USIP World Police Games was also presented and explained by Head of the USIP Marketing and Public Relation Lt.Col. Tariq Alsadanni .

The new UAE organizers of the next USIP showed big interest in the details of the organizing structure of the USIP World Police Games in 2017. The UAE Undersecretary of the MOI Lt.Gen Saif Abdellah Al Sha’far Said that his department and his officers are looking forward to this event and the close cooperation with the USIP.

“Sport is teamwork” he said.” so in this way we are building up this great event with our friends in sport”.

The USIP delegation consist The USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah, USIP Secretary General Sandro Dirckx, Dept.Sg and Director of the Presidential Office Col. Khalid Alnajar, Technical Director of the Marketing and Public Relations Lt.Col.Tariq Alsadanni, General Treasurer Col.Abdularchman Al Haqqan and Maj.Jorge Serna from Colombia.