Colombia, Mexico and India entered the USIP

Kuwait, 13th of May 2013. On the first day of the International meeting of several Police Sport Organizations, representatives of Colombia, Mexico and India officially signed the membership agreement with the USIP. During an official meeting witnessed by delegates ofseveral International Police Sport Organizations, representatives of each country signed the membership forms with the Vice-President of the USIP Abulla Ben Nusrah Al-Ameri. 
The Vice-President Abulla Ben Nusrah Al-Ameri and the Secretary General of the USIP Sandro Dirckx declared that the entrée of these three countries is an important step in the further development of the USIP. All three countries have a rich history in sport and specially Police Sport. Last April, Colombia and Mexico entered the new founded Pan-American Police Sport Union (UDEPP). 
The new USIP members announced that they consider organizing World Police Sport Champions in the future.