We hereby send you again the information about the flight ticket offers for the 2nd USIP World Police Games in Abu Dhabi. We received some information that because of a technical problem some member countries could not open the document or did not receive the document with all details. As you can see on page 3 and 6 of the PDF document there a special conditions to apply for this offer. Some countries who are published on page 8 of the document should choose a nearby airport which is published on the other pages of the document.

To apply for these flight ticket offer you should contact the desk of the aircompony by email or telephone. The email and telephone number of the booking desk can be find in the document on page nr. 3. Please notice that you should contact the right air company ( Etihad – or Emirates) to get the discount and mentioned that it will be used for the 2nd USIP World Police Games in Abu Dhabi. The prizes of the flight tickets are mentioned in VAE -Dirham currency.

Click to download: FLIGHT Offers 2nd USIP World Police Games 2017

From some countries we did not received yet all details of their delegation. It is very important for the organizer to use these details for the competition schedule, hotel booking etc.

Please send form nr. 2 immediately to our office.

Click to download Form 2: Form (2)

The UAE organiser will confirm us as soon the procedures for the Visa and Weapon Registration will start. You will be informed if the procedures will start.