The USIP delegation attend a tactical pistol Shooting training on the Shooting range of the UAE Police nearby Dubai. Members of the UAE Police are trained to become a professional tactical Shooting instructor. The shooting instructors will be also involved during the Shooting disciplines at te 2nd USIP World Police Games wich will be held in November 2017 in Abu Dhabi. The USIP delegation watched the training and talked with the members of the UAE Police and their trainers about their experience and expectations in this training program.


The USIP delegation consists: USIP Secretary General Sandro Dirckx, Dept.Secretary General Col.Khalid Alnajar, USIP EC member Brig.General Gonzalo Londono, USIP PR and technical director Lt.Col. Tariq Alsaddani and TC member Dr.Col. Bader Al Kubaizie.