Abu Dhabi 3-10 November 2017

A warm and great hospitallity by the UAE organizer, friendship and fair play among the atletes made the second edition of the USIP World Police Games to a big success.

44 countries and more than 900 atletes, coaches and delegation leaders where involved and took part at the 4 Sports disciplines like practical pistol shooting, swimming, judo and jiu jitsu.
The UAE organiser supported by the Ministry of Interior of the UAE put a big effort to organize this mayor event. It took 2 years of preparations in cooperation with the USIP to organize the 2nd edition of the USIP World Police Games. It was again a big challenge for the organizing committee.

At the end organizers, atletes, coaches and other participants feel honored, happy and proud that they were alle there in Abu Dhabi.
The opening and closing ceremony were a spectaculair experience of all. The combination of the warm and generous hospitallity of the UAE organizer, sport disciplines under extreme conditions and the spirit of the UAE made it all to an unforgettable story for everyone .
Jiu jitsu was one of the last sport disciplines in the Arena of Abu Dhabi held just before the closing ceremony.

Italy holding the flag

During the closing ceremony the USIP flag and torch were handed over to the next organiser of the 3rd USIP World Police Games. They will be held in Milan Italy in 2019. Secretary General Michelle Bitritto is holding the torch for Italy.

1: Egypt 2: Brazil 3: UAE

The teams of Egypt, Brazil and the UAE won the most gold medals and ended up in following order at place 1, 2 and 3.

For all results see: www.uaepolicesports.ae