Doha, 7th of December 2013.
Difficult conditions high temperatures and the challenging course made the 3rd WC Cross country a strong battle for all athletes. 
At the venue of the Qatar Racing en Equestrian Club in Doha, men and female athletes from 25 countries put there best effort regarding the difficult circumstances on the racetrack.

The organizers, the Qatar Police Sports Association (QPSA) chose this beautiful and successful venue to held this World Championship. The organizers had organized everything in perfect detail. A great view for the audience, live music of the police band and even a fly over by ultra light aircrafts carrying the flags of the organisers and the USIP impress the audience. At the end, the team cup was delivered by one of the pilots of the ultra lights. The local, regional, and international press was tremendously present during this World Police Championship. Host and speaker was the famous Al Jazeera sports journalist Leila Smati. Al Jazeera broadcasted the World Championship to their 60-milion viewers all over the World.

The female athletes started just 15 minutes earlier and ran the course of 8 kilometres. It was a great and exciting race for all athletes and audience. Eventually the athlete from Qatar Ms. Makida Abdela Wordofa won the gold medal by an eight second lead. Followed by the silver medal for the athlete from Ehtiopia Ms. Askale Alemayehu Adula and the bronze medal was won by her fellow athlete Ms. Konjit Tilahun Biruk.

Fifteen minutes after the start of the women, the male athletes started with their run containing 12 kilometres. Shortly after the start, a leading group was formed and lasts throughout the whole race. The gold medal was won by Isaac Korir from Bahrain, the silver medal followed after seven 7 seconds by Zelalem Bacha Rrgasa, also from Bahrain and finally the Bronze medal by Mike Kipruto Kigen from Qatar.

The cup for winning the team was from Bahrain, followed by the teams from Qatar and Tunisia. 
On the evening after the World Championship, the Qatar organizers offered the delegations a wonderful dinner in open air. All delegation leaders and athletes shared their stories and experiences and friendship was made forever.