Bogota-Colombia, 2 December 2014. The USIP President Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah was decorated during his visit at the Colombian National Police Academy General Francisco de Paula Santander. During an official ceremony the USIP President received an honorary medal for his achievements in belonging to the Colombian National Police Academy.

After an impressing parade of the cadets of the Colombian Police Academy the Director of the Colombian National Police Academy, Col. Gonzalo Ricardo Londoño Portela donated the honorary medal of the National Police Academy to the President of the USIP.

In his speech the Director of the Police Academy Col. Londoño said that police sport connects police officers from all over the world and that sport develop strong bounds to each other. Sport is an important tool for the Police profession and has a positive effect to connect Police with the Community. The Colombian Police Academy showed his bounds with the community to organize a big running event earlier in April this year on the location of the Police Academy of Bogota. More than 2000 athletes took part at this impressing running event by invitation of the National Police Academy.