Doha 4th/5th of December 2013.
All athletic delegations from 27 participating countries received a warm hospital welcome by the organizers of the Qatar Police Sports Association during the arrival in Doha. The organizers of Qatar offered a touch of traditional culture of the state of Qatar in the lobby of the Marriott hotel in Doha.
On the fifth of December all delegations visited the venue of the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club where the World Championship Cross Country is going to be held this Friday, to get some taste of the conditions of the running track. Delegation leaders attended the Technical Meeting. Details were provided about the ranking, the track, doping matters and so on. Several athletes took their chance to practice and discover the racetrack.

There was a great atmosphere and friendship among all athletes and delegates. Some athletes from several countries even played table tennis at the spa and shared their knowledge about their sports passion and police experience.